Pueblo Central Hall Of Honor 2013 Inductee

Robert Glusick (1958)

If you have ever had a CT or MRI scan, you can thank Robert Glusick for his seminal research in these areas.

Bob graduated from Central High in 1958 and earned degrees from PCC and CU, where he majored in engineering. He joined General Electric in 1962 as an intern in the Advanced Course in Engineering Program, giving him a good research foundation in broadcast equipment and color television technology. He then took a research position at the GE Electronics Laboratory (ELab), where he began work on optoelectronics and LEDs. He designed digital imaging equipment for ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and CAT medical scanners. As Program Manager he guided research in medical microelectronics and wireless patient monitoring equipment. While in Syracuse, Bob earned his Master's degree in engineering and was issued four patents.

In Milwaukee at GE Medical Systems he was Senior Systems Engineer for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI ), conducting pioneer research on early MRI machines before they were approved for clinical use. He contributed to digital design and specification of the MRI instrument, design and specification of the superconducting magnets used in MRI and clinical support for the first hospital MRI units. His research provided a scientific platform for FDA approval. Bob was issued a US patent for his MRI research at GE.

After retiring from GE in 2000, he continued as part-time faculty member at Marquette and volunteered at Retzer Nature Center.

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